The long-awaited threequel The Equalizer 3 is one of the biggest action movie releases this year. Lead star Denzel Washington is set to deliver his explosive brand of justice as Robert McCall one last time on the big screen. 

As an Xtreme HDTV subscriber, you can catch all the adrenaline-pumping action sitting right in the comfort of your home! Read on to learn more about The Equalizer 3 showtimes, Xtreme HDTV features, and how to subscribe to our platform.

All About The Equalizer 3 Movie Releasing September 2023

In The Equalizer franchise, Denzel Washington plays Robert McCall – a mysterious former Marine trying to leave behind a violent past. But his lethal set of skills proves handy when he feels the urge to step up and protect helpless people trapped in dangerous situations. 

Over the last two installments, fans have loved watching McCall mete out his ruthless brand of justice against all kinds of bad guys. In The Equalizer 3 released on September 1, 2023, McCall takes on his most personal mission where the stakes are higher than ever before. 

While plot details are limited for now, you can expect the signature high-octane action choreography and fight sequences that define McCall’s character in the franchise. Explosions, gunfights, hand-to-hand combat – this final installment promises to deliver all the adrenaline-pumping thrills on the big screen!

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Why You Don’t Want to Miss Watching The Equalizer 3?

Here are the top reasons every action movie buff will want to catch The Equalizer 3:

A Fitting Finale to the Franchise

Lead stars Denzel Washington and Director Antoine Fuqua return to deliver a powerful closure to McCall’s story in this hotly anticipated 3quel. Being the final installment, expect an emotional, high-stakes storyline bringing together all the best elements of the preceding films – and more!

Stunning Visual Spectacle

With a reported $130 million budget, fans can expect an intense visual spectacle highlighting McCall’s explosive combat skills. Backed by slick cinematography and editing, the gritty action set pieces are guaranteed to feel extra pulsating on the big screen. 

Hollywood A-List Performances

Denzel Washington has truly owned the enigmatic Robert McCall role leading fans to root for his antihero ways. Besides Washington’s compelling performance, other A-list stars may feature as fresh faces joining the finale act. 

Now Watch The Equalizer 3 on Your Television With Xtreme HDTV! 

With Xtreme HDTV’s streaming service, subscribers can watch major theater releases like The Equalizer 3 on TV screens when it launches in September 2023.

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And the experience does not stop with just the third movie! As part of our on-demand movie catalog, you can also catch up on the preceding Equalizer installments at your own pace after subscribing. Gear up for the finale chapter by watching or rewatching past hits like The Equalizer (2014) and The Equalizer 2 (2018) via Xtreme HDTV over the next few months. 

Streaming box office hits on Xtreme HDTV offers other major advantages:

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While the big screen has its thrills, streaming The Equalizer 3 at home lets you fully soak in the intense action scenes without outside disturbances. Enjoy a safe, convenient, buffer-free viewing played out on your large smart television screens!

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Here’s How to Subscribe and Watch The Equalizer 3 on Xtreme HDTV

With Xtreme HDTV, getting set up takes just minutes so you are ready to watch The Equalizer 3 as soon it becomes available!

Follow these 3 simple steps to subscribe:

Step 1) Select Your Preferred Subscription Package 

Browse through our IPTV subscription packages on and pick one as per your budget and needs:

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Step 2) Complete Sign Up and Account Creation

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This sets up your main Xtreme HDTV account granting access to our services.

Step 3) Set Up Streaming on Your Devices  

You can stream content on Xtreme HDTV across:

Smart TVs – Using media streaming players like Fire Stick or Chromecast

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Laptops- Through web browser/PC app

Upon signup completion, install the Xtreme HDTV app or software to get started! Log into your account to directly access our entire entertainment database.

That’s it! You are all set to The Equalizer 3 showtimes  and tons more movies, shows, and sports events at your fingertips! 

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As The Equalizer franchise signs off with its climatic finale chapter, streaming the movie as an Xtreme HDTV subscriber is a smart choice. You enjoy a front-row seat to all the explosive action at a fraction of cinema hall costs! 

Denzel Washington solidifies Robert McCall as one of contemporary pop culture’s coolest and most morally complex action heroes over the past decade. Now cap off this memorable journey along with McCall as he goes all out to finish his incomplete business while battling deadly enemies. 

We hope this guide gets you primed about catching the finale spectacular playing out on Xtreme HDTV on September 2, 2023. From our entire Xtreme HDTV team, we wish all our subscribers happy streaming!