Paramount has fast become one of the most popular streaming services for must-watch shows, movies, sports, and more. DISH satellite IPTV offers viewers a simple way to add Paramount to start streaming its huge on-demand library. So if you want to watch smash hits like Top Gun: Maverick, 1883, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, and the Yellowstone origin story 1883, as well as live CBS Sports, you’ll want Paramount on DISH. 

What is Paramount?

Paramount offers the deepest library of shows and movies from world-famous brands like CBS, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, Paramount Pictures, and the Smithsonian Channel.  

This includes exclusive Paramount originals you can’t watch anywhere else, plus live sports, breaking news, and events. And new blockbuster movies like Top Gun: Maverick stream on Paramount just 45 days after leaving theaters.

So whether you’re into Star Trek, South Park, SpongeBob SquarePants, or The Good Fight – Paramount serves your streaming needs.

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What Can You Watch on Paramount?

With over 30,000 TV show episodes and 2,500 movies on demand, Paramount offers acclaimed original dramas, trendy comedies, exciting action movies, fascinating documentaries, and more.

1. Hot Paramount Originals

Smash hit exclusives you can only stream on Paramount include:

2. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds- the latest Star Trek epic follows Captain Pike and the crew in the years before Captain Kirk takes command. 

3. 1883 – this acclaimed Yellowstone origin story chronicles the Dutton family’s journey in establishing the Yellowstone ranch.

4. The Offer – an engrossing dramatized limited series on the tumultuous making of The Godfather film.

5. Halo- based on the famous Xbox franchise, Halo follows Master Chief on an action-packed quest to save humanity in the 26th century.

6. SEAL Team- an authentic military drama following an elite unit of Navy SEALs as they train and tackle high-stakes missions.

7. Mayor of Kingstown- a gritty crime saga from Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan about a powerful family who broker peace between police, criminals, and politicians in a Michigan town.

Movies, Movies & More Movies

In addition to new theatrical films streaming as soon as 45 days after the cinema, Paramount boasts an enormous library with thousands of beloved movies. Genres span action to romance, comedy, drama, family films, classics, and hidden gems.

Just some highlights of the Paramount movie collection include:

1. Top Gun: Maverick –

Tom Cruise’s long-awaited Top Gun sequel shattered box office records in 2022 – now watch it from home in unbelievable 4K HDR. 

2. The Lost City –

Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum light up this 2022 rom-com about a novelist kidnapped by a billionaire to hunt for treasure.

3. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 –

The super-fast blue hedgehog races back for more video game-inspired action and laughs.

4. Transformers: Rise of the Beasts-

Part reboot, part sequel, this 2023 Transformers flick introduces classic beasts and a new breed of robots.  

5. Mission Impossible 7-

Tom Cruise returns as Ethan Hunt in Summer 2023 for more death-defying global espionage. 

6. Smile-

A young therapist’s life unravels after witnessing a bizarre traumatic episode involving a patient in this scary 2022 flick.

7. The SpongeBob Movie:

Sponge Out of Water – SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, and pals leap from Bikini Bottom to our world for hilarious aquatic adventures.

8. Indiana Jones 4-Movie Collection-

Own all four movies starring Harrison Ford as the legendary archeologist on digital for the first time.  

9. Forrest Gump-

Tom Hanks delivers an Oscar-winning take as the slow-witted Forrest accidentally influences some of history’s most important events.

10. The Avengers 8-Movie Collection –

Before diving into Marvel’s Phase 4 on Disney+, catch up on all Avengers and MCU crossover action in this massive box set spanning from the first Iron Man to Avengers: Endgame theatrical editions.

Plus tens of thousands more, from comedy classics like Anchorman to iconic horror like A Quiet Place – Paramount truly takes you to the movies mountain.  

Live Sports & Events

On top of tons of movies and shows on demand, Paramount provides a front-row seat for can’t-miss live sports and events.

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Why Add Paramount on DISH?  

DISH satellite TV makes it incredibly easy for subscribers to add Paramount to start streaming. Rather than having to enter payment details into yet another service, DISH handles Paramount subscriptions directly through your monthly bill.

This offers viewers a few key advantages:

1. Bundle Discount Pricing – Get special discounted Paramount bundle pricing when you add the streaming service to eligible DISH TV packages.

2. Fewer Bills – cutting down on subscription services headaches, DISH includes Paramount+ costs directly in your usual satellite bill rather than separate payments and passwords. 

3. One Spot for Support- If any streaming issues arise, you can chat with helpful DISH customer service rather than juggle multiple contacts.

4. Flexible Packages- Choose the Paramount package that fits your needs, whether you want limited commercials or offline download options.

5. Easy Activation – start streaming Paramount instantly on DISH with quick hassle-free activation.  

How to Get Paramount on DISH Step-By-Step?  

Ready to add the Paramount on DISH TV subscription, Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Choose Your DISH Base Package

First, select the core DISH package that fits your channel needs and budget. Paramount is available as an add-on for most plans, including:

1. DISH America’s Top 120/200/250

2. DISH America’s Everything Pack

3. DISH Latino Clasico/Dos/Max 

You’ll need one of these base packages before bundling the Paramount upgrade.

Step 2: Select Your Preferred Paramount Tier 

Next, choose which tier of Paramount you want to add on DISH with helpful breakdowns below:

1. Essential Plan – starting at $4.99 per month, the budget-friendly Essential option provides next-day access to all Paramount movies and shows with limited advertising breaks. You can stream on up to 3 devices simultaneously.

2. Premium Plan – priced at $9.99 per month, the Premium tier unlocks the full Paramount experience ad-free, 4K HDR video quality, and offline downloads for mobile devices. Stream across 4 devices concurrently.

So pick the Paramount edition that provides the right features at a price you’re happy with.

Step 3: Activate Your Paramount Subscription

Once you select and purchase a DISH TV package with Paramount included, activation takes just minutes. 

You can start streaming immediately by:

1. Download the Paramount app on your mobile device, smart TV, or supported streaming media player.

2. Launching the app and selecting to activate your subscription through TV provider DISH.  

3. Signing in seamlessly with your existing username and password.

After that one-time setup, just open the Paramount app anytime to keep watching across your devices.

Step 4: Start Streaming Paramount Originals, Movies & More!

You’re all set! Explore Paramount’s enormous on-demand library with fresh exclusives constantly added.  

Don’t miss thrilling new Star Trek episodes on Thursdays or the expanding Yellowstone drama universe. On Stream Hollywood hits before they disappear. And catch live Champions League matchups you can only watch here.

Plus the DISH Voice Remote makes searching simple with the ability to speak shows, actors, or movie names results to find content fast.

Paramount brings a truly epic collection – so start streaming as soon as it’s bundled with your DISH TV!


Paramount Network is likely available as part of select DISH TV programming packages, either included in base packages at certain tier levels or available as an add-on premium channel. You can get all these channels on HDTV IPTV at the minimum price. In this blog, you get the answer to all the questions regarding accessing Paramount content on DISH TV like channel positioning, integration of Paramount+ streaming, On Demand capabilities, and specifics of IPTV packages that include the channel. For further queries, visit our website Xtreame HDTV today.