Glamorous Netflix Cast : Glamorous is a new comedy-drama streaming television series on Netflix. It revolves around the glamorous world of fashion and beauty. The show was created by Jordon Nardino and stars Kim Cattrall and Miss Benny in lead roles. If you want to watch this amazing drama on your device then Xtreame HDTV is the best option for you. Here you can access the complete drama after buying the subscription plan of $9.99 and enjoy it in 4K quality.

Storyline of Glamorous

The show follows Marco, a young makeup enthusiast who lands a dream job as an assistant to legendary makeup mogul Madolyn Addison. Marco navigates the glitzy world of Madolyn’s company Glamorous while trying to stay true to himself.

Meanwhile, Marco’s presence causes Madolyn to confront her issues connecting with people. Their odd couple friendship drives much of the show’s emotional story. Around them, other characters deal with ambition, romance, and identity.

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Main Glamorous Netflix Cast Members

Kim Cattrall as Madolyn

The biggest star in the cast is Kim Cattrall. She plays Madolyn, the owner of Glamorous. She is great at playing strong, successful women like Madolyn. As Madolyn, Cattrall gets to be a boss in charge of a big company. But Madolyn also struggles to connect with people. Cattrall shows Madolyn’s complex personality.

Miss Benny as Marco

Miss Benny is the breakout star of Glamorous. This is her first big role. She plays Marco Mejia. Marco is a happy young man who loves makeup. Benny makes Marco very charming and funny. But she also shows his vulnerability. Viewers love Marco’s story. He stays true to himself while learning the glamorous world.

Jade Payton as Venetia

Jade Payton plays Venetia, Madolyn’s lead assistant. Venetia wants to move up in her fashion career.

Payton shows Venetia’s ambition and attitude. Venetia tries to impress Madolyn while competing with Marco. Their tense dynamic is exciting to watch.

Zane Phillips as Chad

Zane Phillips plays Chad Addison, Madolyn’s son. Chad works at Glamorous too. Chad becomes arrogant and spoiled. But Marco teaches him to be a better person. Phillips does a great job playing Chad as cocky yet insecure. Chad’s rocky relationship with his mom leads to good drama.

Michael Hsu Rosen as Ben

Michael Rosen plays Ben, a cute graphic designer. Marco and Ben flirt at work. Their romance is a sweet part of the show.

Rosen makes Ben adorably shy and artistic. Marco helps Ben come out of his shell. Fans love their slow-burn relationship.

Ayesha Harris as Britt

Ayesha Harris acts as Britt, another graphic designer. Britt has a crush on Venetia.

Harris gives Britt a fun, artsy spirit. Britt represents more diversity in the show. Fans enjoy her lesbian love story.

Supporting Cast

The main stars are supported by a strong cast like Diana Maria Riva as Marco’s lawyer mom, Ricardo Antonio Chavira as Madolyn’s driver, and guest stars playing themselves.

The Producers and Writers Behind Glamorous

Glamorous was created by Jordon Nardino. The writers’ room includes scribes like Justin W. Lo, Ashley Skidmore, and Celeste Vasquez. Executive producers include Nardino, Kameron Tarlow, Damon Wayans Jr., and Todd Strauss-Schulson.

Most Famous Characters on Glamorous

Some of the most popular characters who drive major storylines are:

  • Madolyn Addison – The head of Glamorous Cosmetics, played by Kim Cattrall
  • Marco Mejia – The makeup enthusiast turned Madolyn’s assistant, portrayed by Miss Benny
  • Venetia Kelaher – Madolyn’s ambitious senior assistant, played by Jade Payton
  • Chad Addison – Madolyn’s spoiled son and colleague, played by Zane Phillips
  • Ben – Marco’s love interest, the shy graphic designer played by Michael Hsu Rosen
  • Britt – The quirky lesbian designer crushing on Venetia, played by Ayesha Harris

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Why Glamorous Has Become a Hit Show?

With its talented cast, soapy drama, and emotional heart, Glamorous has earned its popularity. Fans are invested in the characters’ journeys as they chase dreams in the glamorous world. The show has already been renewed, and audiences eagerly await more from this breakout ensemble.

Watch Glamorous Netflix Cast on Xtreame HDTV

The new hit Netflix series Glamorous is now available to stream through Xtreame HDTV premium service. This comedy-drama set in the glittering world of fashion and beauty has quickly become must-see TV thanks to its talented cast and juicy storylines.

Glamorous Netflix Cast centers around Marco, an aspiring makeup artist who lands a job as assistant to legendary cosmetics CEO Madolyn Addison. As Marco navigates the glamorous environment he’s always longed for, he also grows in confidence and identity. Meanwhile, his presence shakes up Madolyn’s world.

Leading the show is veteran actress Kim Cattrall as Madolyn. Her performance brings depth and sympathy to the boss role. Breakout star Miss Benny charms as Marco, capturing his sincerity and ambition. The cast has won praise for its diversity in race, gender.

With Xtreme tv service, subscribers can now stream all 10 episodes of Glamorous first season in stunning high-definition. No matter what device you use – phone, tablet, laptop, or television – you’ll get flawless video and audio. The service makes it easy to watch anytime, anywhere.

Glamorous offers the perfect blend of escapist fun with thoughtful storytelling. Marco’s fish-out-of-water tale brings humor and heart. The aftershocks of his presence on those around him drive the drama. Witty writing and social commentary round out this unmissable show.

Xtreame HDTV unlocks access to the complete first season of Glamorous, letting you dive into all the laughter, tears, and gasp-out-loud moments. With captivating performances and writing, Glamorous is a binge-worthy rollercoaster. Experience VIP access to its glamorous world through Xtreame HDTV.