Jailbreak is a process of removing the restrictions from the software or devices set up by the manufacturer. Using this process, you get access to all locked features of devices. It helps you to get complete control over the device or software. We will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to jailbreak a Chromebook.

You can customize the operating system or unlock the app from the Play Store. Jailbreaking makes your website more secure because you have access to protect the device from malicious actors.

Chromebook is a device famous for its portability and affordability. Jailbreak a Chromebook to get complete control over your devices and unlock advanced features for better performance.

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Things To Keep in Mind Before Jailbreaking Your Device

Before jailbreaking your device or software, there are certain conditions that we always have to keep in mind.

  1. Generate backup copies- Before starting the jailbreaking technique, generate a backup of your data. This way, if you happen to lose your data during the process, you will still be able to access it.
  2. Follow Instructions Carefully- While using the jailbreaking technique, follow the steps carefully. The steps vary for different devices and software.
  3. Risk Assessment Before jailbreaking a Chromebook, one thing to always keep in mind is that this process can cause damage to your system or software if you perform any tasks incorrectly. So, make sure you know what you are doing.
  4. Latest Update- After completing the jailbreaking process, it is important to stay updated with the latest security updates from the manufacturer. This will help you to protect your device from malicious attacks.
  5. Device Warranty- If your device is under warranty, it’s advisable to avoid the jailbreaking technique. Manufacturers void your Chromebook’s warranty after jailbreaking the device.

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How to Jailbreak a Chromebook- Follow these Steps 

These are the steps to jailbreak your Chromebook-

Step1 – Install Alternative Operating System

You have to install another operating system in your Chromebook to ignore the integrated limitations of Chrome OS(operating system).

Step2 – Enter into Developer Mode

Once you have downloaded the alternative operating system onto your Chromebook, you need to boot your device into developer mode.

Press and hold the Esc + Refresh keys simultaneously. You will then see a dialog box that prompts you to choose whether or not you like to enter Developer Mode. Select “Yes” to continue.

Step3 – Enable USB booting

After entering into developer mode, you have to enable the option for Chromebook to boot from a USB device.

Press Ctrl + D to enable the USB booting

Step4 – Install Crouton or a Similar Jailbreaking Tool

Install Crouton or a similar tool for jailbreaking your device, allowing you to download and run any program on your Chromebook that is not available in the Chrome operating system.

Step5 – Complete the Jailbreaking Process

After downloading and installing the jailbreak tool on your Chromebook device, you can run any application and program on your device. This means you have complete control over the device.

Chromebook Jailbreak Troubleshooting Guide:

If you face any problems while jailbreaking your Chromebook device, follow these troubleshooting tips:

  1. Please confirm that you have downloaded the latest version of Android Debug Bridge for the Chrome Operating System.
  2. Make your system’s hardware sufficient for jailbreaking.
  3. Ensure you have enabled the option of USB debugging; otherwise, you might face problems while sharing the files.
  4. If you encounter any difficulties while installing Linux distributions of a Linux distribution, consider trying another option such as Fedora or Debian.
  5. Check all the necessary tools and configurations before trying to restart your device. 

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Characteristics of jailbreaking Chromebooks:-

  • We are capable of accessing all the apps and programs on our device that are restricted by the Chrome Operating System.
  • The performance of Chromebook devices increases after jailbreaking because they can access more RAM and CPU power.
  • Jailbroken devices are believed to be more secure, as users can install antivirus software that may even be restricted by the Chrome OS.
  • Users get complete control over the device.

Disadvantages of jailbreaking Chromebooks:-

  • Modifications to Chromebook software and settings can have serious implications, so it’s important to understand the risks before making any changes to your device.
  • If your device is under warranty, avoid the jailbreaking process, as otherwise, manufacturers will withdraw a Chromebook’s warranty.
  • Many people face problems due to compatibility issues because even after jailbreaking they can’t run certain apps and programs on their devices. 

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Is it possible to jailbreak Chromebook?

“Yes, sure! You can jailbreak the Chromebook device by following the steps provided on my blog.

Is jailbreaking beneficial?

Jailbreaking devices give you complete control over your device. You can run any app and program on your device, even if it is restricted by the Operating System. 

You can also customize your device according to you.

Is jailbreaking a Chromebook risky?

If you can’t follow the instructions carefully, then you can lose your data, and it can affect your device.


Jailbreaking a Chromebook is a good idea because you can get full control over your device like you can customize your device regarding your requirements. However, before using the jailbreaking process, conducting a detailed risk assessment is essential. Check for the website Xtreame HDTV for complete information about the jailbreaking process.