Peacock TV has become very popular in the USA. It has lots of TV shows, movies, sports, and more. But many people wonder – can you use Peacock for free, or do you have to pay? This article explains Peacock’s prices and free trials. That way you can see what you get free and what requires payment. Peacock has a free option with ads. It lets you watch some stuff for no cost. But to get everything on Peacock, like all episodes of shows and new movies, you need to pay for Premium or Premium Plus. The free version only has some content. Looking at Peacock’s plans and trials shows what is free and what you have to pay for. That helps you decide if you want to use the free Peacock or get a paid membership. However in Xtreame HDTV you will get all peacock tv content available for free.

What is Peacock TV?

Watch unlimited TV shows, movies, news, sports, and exclusives you can’t watch anywhere else. This includes next-day access to current NBC and Bravo shows.

Is Peacock TV Free?

When Peacock first opened its doors, they let you stream tons of content for zero dollars by watching some ads. You could see original Peacock shows, films, classic series, news, and more at no cost. So in its debut year, Peacock’s free tier was pretty sweet. Peacock flapped its wings and changed up the free offering. Now there’s only a handful of episodes, movies, and clips available on the free plan. To get full seasons, fresh NBC and Bravo programs, live sports, and premium stuff, you gotta subscribe to paid Peacock Premium or Premium Plus.

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What Can You Watch for Free on Peacock?

The free tier of Peacock gives you access to the following types of content:

  • Select Peacock original series – Usually you can watch the first few episodes of an original Peacock show for free, but to see the full season you need a paid subscription.
  • Movies – There is a selection of movies available on the free tier, such as the Matrix trilogy, Shrek, and the Bourne trilogy. But most newer movies require a Premium subscription.
  • Classic shows – You can watch many classic comedies like 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, Saturday Night Live, King of Queens, Frasier, Cheers, Everybody Loves Raymond, and Two and a Half Men.
  • News and pop culture – Get clips and select episodes from news shows like The Today Show, Dateline, NBC Nightly News, and Meet the Press. Plus pop culture commentary from Amber Ruffin and The Mehdi Hasan Show.
  • Kids shows – Popular kids series like Where’s Waldo? and Curious George are available for free.
  • Spanish-language programming – Telenovelas and other Telemundo shows have select episodes available on the free tier.
  • Channels – The free version has access to curated Peacock channels like NBC News Now, Sky News, True Crime, and various clip-based channels.

So while the free section of Peacock is still limited, you can watch some shows, movies, and news without paying. But to unlock everything, from next-day NBC shows to Premier League soccer, a paid subscription is required.

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Peacock Premium and Premium Plus Pricing

Here is a breakdown of how much the paid tiers of Peacock cost:

Peacock Premium

  • Price: $4.99 per month
  • Ads: Yes

This plan gives you full access to everything on Peacock, including:

  • All TV shows & movies
  • Next-day access to current NBC and Bravo shows
  • Early access to NBC’s late-night shows
  • Every Peacock original series
  • Live sports like the Premier League, Sunday Night Football, WWE
  • News, Telemundo programming & channels

Peacock Premium Plus

  • Price: $9.99 per month
  • Ads: No

Premium Plus has everything from the Premium tier but without any ads. The exceptions are live sports and a few shows and movies that still have ads due to streaming rights issues.

This ad-free experience makes it the best option for an interruption-free viewing experience. But the Premium tier is still great if you don’t mind occasional ads to save $5 per month.

Both Premium and Premium Plus offer a free 7-day trial for new members.

Can You Get Peacock Premium for Free? Ways to Get Discount or Free Subscription

While Peacock itself doesn’t currently offer any long-term free trials or discounts, there are a couple of ways you may be able to get free or discounted Peacock Premium access:

Xfinity Customers

If you have Xfinity internet or an Xfinity Flex device, you can get Peacock Premium for free. This is part of a partnership between Comcast and NBCUniversal.

Spectrum Customers

Spectrum video or internet subscribers may qualify for special Peacock Premium offers, like 12 months free for video customers or 90 days free for internet customers.

Military Discount

Active military members and veterans can get a $4.99 military discount on either Premium plan, dropping the prices to free for Premium and $4.99 for Premium Plus.

T-Mobile Perks

For T-Mobile customers, you may be eligible for one year of free Peacock Premium through the T-Mobile Tuesdays perks program.

So while Peacock itself doesn’t advertise any long-term free trials or discounts, partner companies like Xfinity and Spectrum do offer Peacock Premium promos. Also, discounts are available for military and T-Mobile users.

How To Watch Peacock for Free Without Ads?

Since all on-demand shows and movies on Peacock’s free tier have ads, the only way to go ad-free is to upgrade to Premium Plus for $9.99 per month. Trying out the paid tiers free for 7 days is a good way to experience Peacock ad-free before deciding if the upgrade is worth it for you. Going ad-free provides a major improvement in the viewing experience. One tip is signing up through partners like Xfinity or Spectrum during one of their Peacock promos to watch without ads at no extra cost. For example, Spectrum video customers get 12 months of Premium free. But other than promos or discounted plans, Peacock Premium Plus for $9.99 per month is the only option that provides an ad-free experience across the entire Peacock library on all devices.

Supported Devices for Peacock

Peacock is available on a wide variety of popular devices and platforms. You can stream Peacock on:

  • iOS and Android phones & tablets
  • Android TV devices
  • Apple TV
  • Roku
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Xbox
  • PlayStation
  • Smart TVs from LG, Samsung, Vizio
  • Web browsers

So you’ll be able to watch Peacock on any phone, streaming device, computer, or smart TV easily. You can download shows and movies on mobile apps for offline viewing. Just note that some platforms like Roku only allow you to sign up for Peacock Premium, not access the free tier.

Is Peacock TV Free vs Paid: Which Plan Should You Choose?

Deciding between Peacock’s free ad-supported plan and the Premium/Premium Plus paid options comes down to a few key factors:

If you want to watch…

  • Brand new NBC shows the day after they air, Premier League matches, every WWE PPV, Sunday Night Football, every Peacock original, and other premium content – Premium or Premium Plus is required.
  • Select movies, classic sitcoms, news clips, and kids’ content – The free tier may suffice.

If you want…

  • An ad-free experience – Go with the $9.99 Premium Plus plan.
  • To save money and don’t mind ads – The $4.99 Premium plan is the sweet spot.
  • To try it out before paying – Use the free tier.
  • The free tier is very limited but allows you to test Peacock out.
  • Premium is best for most users who want full access on the cheap.
  • Premium Plus is worth it for an interruption-free viewing experience.

No matter which you choose, you can always change plans or cancel anytime. Take advantage of the free trial for Premium and Premium Plus to experience the benefits of paid Peacock before committing.

Peacock TV Free Trial: How to Sign Up for 7 Days Free

Getting started with a Peacock Premium or Premium Plus free trial only takes a couple of minutes. Here is how to sign up for 7 days free:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Sign Up” and then “Start Your Free Trial”
  3. Select either the “Premium” or “Premium Plus” plan
  4. Enter your email, create a password, and provide your info
  5. Add payment details (this will begin a $4.99 or $9.99 charge after the 7 days trial unless you cancel)
  6. Start watching on any device!

And that’s it! You can instantly access all Peacock has to offer from hit shows to movies to live sports and more for 7 days as part of the free trial. Make sure to take advantage of the free trial before deciding if a paid subscription is worth it long-term for you. And cancel before the 7 days ends if you don’t want to continue.