Many K-drama lovers already know what the show is all about, but people who are not familiar with the exciting realm of Asian dramas or unaware of the show… perhaps one of my acquaintances who’s most likely getting annoyed with the endless K-drama chatter… The show Goblin/Guardian is the latest modern-day fantasy starring an immortal goblin called Kim Shin (Gong Yoo), who was once a formidable general of Goryeo’s army. Kim Shin has lived 900-plus years wearing an axe inside his chest that only his bride could be able to remove to end his eternal existence. Over time, Kim Shin meets Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun), A bright and bubbly 19-year-old girl who can see ghosts. Kim Shin has been taught all her life that she’s the bride of goblins.

What is GOBLIN about?

Kim Shin is an immortal goblin, protector of souls, but he requires the human goblin bride to bring him out of the slumber of eternality. In the meantime, Ji Eun Tak, a high school student, suffers from a problematic past. The Goblin summons his reality Goblin point, and the tale of the goblin Goblin starts. Shin can also be the owner of the Grim Reaper, who is responsible for removing the souls of dead people. It is the heartbreakingly sad story of his relationship with Sunny, the proprietor of a chicken store and a beloved woman to everyone. The lives of the four characters drastically alter as they get to know each other and are entangled.


Being very fond of the genre, I found the storyline of Goblin Only suitable. It was a pleasure to watch the first Korean drama with an intense fantasy theme that made the journey into the created universe and its mysteries fascinating. The romance aspect of the show was an absolute highlight because, unlike other dramas that feature a love triangle, it has two separate love stories that left my heart racing and tears streaming down my face. The show reveals many details about the characters and how they connect. I wouldn’t say I liked that it took a bit to get the plot to thicken in some way; for instance, it took a while for Park Joo Hyun’s entry. I believe it should have come earlier.


The stories behind the characters that Goblin for every individual were fascinating as they revealed their past lives and tried to discover the connections between them. However, I knew the identities of each character during the first few episodes of the series. Still, it didn’t stop me from being captivated by the powerful, emotional, heartbreaking scenes of the backstories, but it was also amazing how everything came together when everything was discovered. When you know whom, you can begin to understand how Kim Shin, Sunny, and Grim Reaper’s lives connect.


In the short time I touched on before the romance, it was a powerful element of this story. I got so invested with the couple quite quickly. Naturally, it isn’t a shock that I wept a lot when I watched the final three episodes. The love story is undoubtedly well-paced and well-constructed and will leave one either crying or smiling since the love storylines created are so great.

Kim Shin and Ji Eun Tak

It took some time to get into this couple, mainly because it was distinct from the other dramas I’ve seen. In addition, because Eun Tak seemed to be more youthful than Kim Shin, I felt it was initially uncomfortable. However, there was no time before I found myself rooting for the couple, as their relationship was portrayed as enthralling. The scenes in Canada were among my favorite scenes, and the country soon became a memorable place for both couples. Kim Shin and Eun Tak were an extremely well-written couple, making the tale that unfolded during the film very moving.

Grim Reaper, as well as Sunny (Not Sunhee)

What I will say about the relationship of Goblin Goblin is that it’s an absolute love tale. It’s cute, funny, yet heartbreaking all simultaneously. The poor Grim Reaper seemed as if he was a lost puppy as he listened to Sunny asking the questions he had about himself. The love story of Sunny and Reaper is beautiful and touching to watch unfold on the screen, especially when you find out about their previous lives and how they’ve been fighting for their happiness. Spoiler: I cried my eyes out as Sunny and Reaper entered the doors to the tea room, after which I watched them get their happy endings in the following life. As I mentioned, this is a very romantic love story.


We had a romance. However, we must not forget the bonding between Goblin Goblin, a famous duo from the show Reaper, and Goblin. Their friendship was the reason that made Goblin Goblins a memorable show. Beginning with an introduction and ending with the moment they separated from one another, every moment was memorable for the two. I can’t imagine I’ll ever forget the moment they saved Eun Tak from the kidnappers while strolling in slow motion. But, both of them had their traumatic fates to confront: Goblin would now pass away because he married Eun Tak, his wife, while Reaper had to find a way to be an actual human being like a mortal. Grim Reapers don’t have any memory or even names. Overall, the pair do steal the show.


We cannot forget about Deok Hee because while his part in this show was insignificant, He still had an attractive presence and an impressive influence. There were funny moments in the show, and all he would have wanted was a credit card to be returned from his grandfather. The man also has the same family who, through the generations, has worked to aid Kim Shin/Goblin. So, it’s intriguing to consider how they could have grown and assisted Kim Shin.


The number of times I held my heart each time it was the OST Beautiful Life by Crush. I was playing. The music fits perfectly with the story and amplifies all the emotions you feel during the one particular film you’re watching, such as Ailee I’ll Go to You as The First Snow, which connects with Kim Shin’s emotions. The cinematography from this series was stunning. I was captivated by breathtaking landscapes, numerous camera angles, and the overall care for particulars. I can’t imagine the time and energy spent making the most beautiful and appealing dramatic film. These images can speak for themselves.


How I spoke to numerous people about how I felt about the finale, or in the case of the show’s final three episodes, was an emotional pain. It is possible to say that I shed many tears in those shows, with happy and sorrowful tears. In the end, Sunny and Reaper get to the next phase of their lives, leaving Shin in a state of solitude, leaving my heart broken as he was no longer the immortality of his friend to keep him close.

Shin was also left right when he began lonely in search of his bride, and I was heartbroken to reflect on the many years waiting for his bride to come back. And if Eun Tak is only granted four lives, then Shin will likely spend long periods alone. Watching the two Eun Tak and Shin reunite at the end was beautiful; however, I felt sorrow that lingered.


Goblin is an incredibly excellent dramatic drama designed beautifully. It is a romantic comedy filled with emotions, incredible OSTs, stunning re-enactments, and unforgettable characters. It is undoubtedly one of my favorites despite having to struggle through the one hour and 15 minutes of the episodes. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the show. Goblin is a show that will inspire you to laugh, smile, and cry. It can make you feel emotional for weeks. I cannot recommend an even better show for you all to enjoy!

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