The Schitt’s Creek cast and their characters will be closely examined in this blog post, with an exploration of their backstories, relationships, quirks, and more! So, let’s get started! As I explore Schitt’s Creek, I am enchanted by the cast of characters who call this beloved sitcom their home. The Rose family, the charming and colorful residents of Schitt’s Creek, and the endearingly quirky Rose family are all worthy of admiration.

My heart is filled with warmth and joy that only comes from spending time with such a delightful ensemble of actors. Their humour and wit have brought me laughs repeatedly, and I am thankful for their contribution to my life.

Join me on this journey of discovery if you haven’t yet experienced the magic of Schitt’s Creek Streaming. The lovable cast of characters that call this small town home will also captivate you. We can enjoy the joy and laughter that this heartwarming sitcom has to offer together.

Schitt’s Creek, a Canadian television sitcom, debuted in 2015 and lasted for six seasons until 2020. The show, created by Eugene Levy and his son Dan Levy, follows the journey of the wealthy Rose family, who lose their fortune and are forced to move to Schitt’s Creek, a small town they once bought as a joke. The show quickly established itself as a fan favorite, receiving critical acclaim and securing several awards. Let’s take a closer look at the talented cast of schitt’s creek that brought the small town of Schitt’s Creek to life. 

Johnny Rose (Eugene Levy)

At the heart of the Rose family is Johnny Rose, portrayed by the brilliant Eugene Levy. A once-wealthy video store magnate, Johnny finds himself facing financial ruin and relocates his family to the titular town. With his signature eyebrows and deadpan humor, Eugene Levy’s portrayal of Johnny adds a touch of sincerity to the comedic ensemble. Contact us for more information.

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Moira Rose (Catherine O’Hara)

Catherine O’Hara’s portrayal of the eccentric Moira Rose is nothing short of extraordinary. The former soap opera star brings a whimsical flair to Schitt’s Creek with her over-the-top wigs, unique vocabulary, and dramatic gestures. Moira’s character development throughout the series is a testament to O’Hara’s versatility as an actress.

David Rose (Dan Levy)

Dan Levy, co-creator of the show, delivers a standout performance as David Rose, the pansexual and fashionable son of Johnny and Moira. David’s witty one-liners and sarcastic demeanor provide much of the show’s comedic relief. Levy’s portrayal of David earned him widespread acclaim and several awards, showcasing his talent both in front of and behind the camera.

Alexis Rose (Annie Murphy)

Annie Murphy’s portrayal of the glamorous and occasionally naive Alexis Rose is both endearing and entertaining. As the socialite daughter of the Rose family, Alexis undergoes significant personal growth throughout the series. Murphy’s comedic timing and charm make Alexis a memorable character, contributing to the show’s overall appeal.

Stevie Budd (Emily Hampshire)

The character of Stevie Budd, played by Emily Hampshire, serves as the straight-talking and sarcastic receptionist at the Rosebud Motel. Stevie’s deadpan humor and evolving friendship with David Rose provide a refreshing dynamic within the series. Hampshire’s nuanced performance adds depth to Stevie, making her a beloved supporting character.

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Roland Schitt (Chris Elliott)

As the eccentric mayor of Schitt’s Creek, Chris Elliott brings the character of Roland Schitt to life with his quirky mannerisms and unapologetic demeanor. Roland’s interactions with the Rose family provide numerous comedic moments, and Elliott’s portrayal adds a delightful eccentricity to the small-town setting.

Ted Mullens (Dustin Milligan)

Dustin Milligan takes on the role of Ted Mullens, the lovable veterinarian with a heart of gold. Ted’s sweet and earnest nature makes him a fan favorite, and his on-screen chemistry with Alexis Rose adds a heartwarming layer to the series. Milligan’s performance showcases his ability to balance humor and sincerity.


My heart is filled with joy and laughter as I bid farewell to this guide from the Schitt’s Creek cast. We have come to cherish and adore the incredible ensemble of schitt’s creek characters created by this heartwarming sitcom. The show has its own unique charm and charisma, with characters like the quirky Rose family and lovable residents of Schitt’s Creek.

The humor is clever and witty, keeping me on my toes and making me laugh out loud. In a world where we all could use a good laugh, it’s refreshing to have a good laugh.

I am thankful for discovering this show gem, and I hope this guide has prompted you to try it out. I am truly delighted to see the Schitt’s Creek cast, and I am confident that their antics will keep me laughing and joy-filled for years to come. Visit our website for more information.

Frequently asked questions

1. Who are the main cast members of Schitt’s Creek?

Ans- The main cast members of Schitt’s Creek include Eugene Levy (Johnny Rose), Catherine O’Hara (Moira Rose), Dan Levy (David Rose), and Annie Murphy (Alexis Rose).

2. Are the cast members of Schitt’s Creek related in real life?

Ans- Yes, Eugene Levy and Dan Levy, who play father and son on the show, are also father and son in real life.

3. What other projects have Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara worked on together?

Ans- Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara have a long history of collaboration, including iconic films like “Waiting for Guffman,” “Best in Show,” “A Mighty Wind,” and “For Your Consideration.”

4. Did the cast of Schitt’s Creek win any awards for their performances?

Ans- Yes, the cast of Schitt’s Creek received numerous awards, including Emmy Awards for Outstanding Comedy Series and acting awards for Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Dan Levy, and Annie Murphy.

5. Is Chris Elliott part of the main cast of Schitt’s Creek?

Ans- Yes, Chris Elliott plays the character Roland Schitt, the mayor of Schitt’s Creek, and is considered part of the main cast.

6. What is the real-life relationship between Dan Levy and Annie Murphy?

Ans- In real life, Dan Levy and Annie Murphy are not related. However, their on-screen chemistry as brother and sister is a testament to their acting skills.

7. Did the cast members contribute to the writing of Schitt’s Creek?

Ans- Yes, in addition to acting, Dan Levy, who played David Rose, was heavily involved in the writing and creation of Schitt’s Creek alongside his father, Eugene Levy.

8. Have the cast members pursued other projects after Schitt’s Creek?

Ans- Yes, post-Schitt’s Creek, the cast members have been involved in various projects. Dan Levy, for example, has been involved in writing, acting, and hosting duties.