“How I Met Your Mother” is one of the most beloved sitcoms of the 2000s. This comedy aired for nine seasons between 2005 and 2014 and focused on a group of five friends figuring out adulthood together in New York City. Throughout the show, there were references to a mysterious person named “Aldrin” that fans could never fully make sense of. This strange inside joke added a fun extra layer of mystery that kept people guessing. Who was this unknown Aldrin character that was somehow part of the group’s stories in college? Let’s take a closer look at the puzzling personality behind Aldrin and how they factored into the show’s legendary group history, even as a total enigma.

Who is Aldrin How I Met Your Mother?

For the uninitiated, here are the key facts revealed about Aldrin How I Met Your Mother:

  • Part of the friend gang along with protagonist Ted Mosby, Marshall Erikson, Lily Aldrin, and Barney Stinson
  • Most likely attended Wesleyan University with Marshall, Ted, and Lily circa the late 1990s
  • Referenced across multiple seasons in the group’s reminiscing of wild college escapades
  • I remember having hazy memories while drunk and acting outrageous

Whenever the mysterious Aldrin came up in conversation, Lily noticeably tensed up and tried to shut it down. This suggested some unspoken truth about Aldrin that Lily didn’t want fully exposed. But who was this hidden figure that the others spoke so casually of?

Examining Some Leading Theories on Aldrin’s Identity

The cryptic characterization of Aldrin throughout How I Met Your Mother, starring its acclaimed cast like Josh Radnor and Neil Patrick Harris, inspired fans to concoct their own theories about this unseen persona. Let’s explore some of the leading possibilities that viewers imagined about Aldrin and analyze if those theories logically fit the sparse clues sprinkled throughout the show regarding this mysterious figure that was apparently connected to Ted, Lily and the rest of the gang in college. Even though Aldrin was never actually seen on screen, speculation about who this person was and how they fit with the main How I Met Your Mother cast added an extra layer of mystery and intrigue for devoted fans.

1: Aldrin Represents Lily’s Alter Ego

Perhaps the most popular theory suggests that “Aldrin” is simply Lily’s wild party-girl alter ego from her early twenties. As an eccentric art student, did Lily adopt an alternate free-spirited identity when she drank or needed to rebel against expectations? Present-day Lily does have an aversion to admitting past irresponsible behavior that could threaten her career as a kindergarten teacher and content suburban housewife. Referring to past exploits as “Aldrin” adventures gives Lily a semantic separation from anything potentially embarrassing or formerly taboo in her youth.

2: Aldrin is Lily’s Mysterious Twin

Another speculative explanation many fans buy into is the theory that Aldrin may be Lily’s identical twin sister. References to Aldrin’s familiar appearance support this premise of physical similarity. Perhaps Lily’s twin had an adventurous streak and thawed out her sister’s normally reserved personality during their university days. If Aldrin is Lily’s twin, it’s unclear why the two seem estranged in the present based on Lily’s avoidant attitude discussing Aldrin. But twins drifting apart post-college isn’t unbelievable, especially if Aldrin continued living a rowdy lifestyle.

3: Aldrin is Simply Legendary Lore

Of course, it’s also possible that Aldrin is nothing more than a legendary joke figure the friends fabricated together. What better way to avoid directly copping to various youthful exploits than inventing a phantom gang member “Aldrin” to take the fall? Anytime the group recounts a particularly crazy adventure involving public indecency or a police encounter, they casually pin it on the infamously uninhibited Aldrin. This explanation does conveniently excuse Lily and the others from behaving a little too wild back in their early adult phases. Making Aldrin the willful scapegoat is very much in the silly spirit of these five longtime companions.

While the true origins of Aldrin remain hazy even after nearly a decade since How I Met Your Mother ending, deciphering the puzzle sure is fun for fans. It exemplifies the clever nuances and subtle worldbuilding that made HIMYM incredibly rewatchable. Now let’s explore why this sitcom left such an indelible mark on pop culture history.

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