Xumo stream box was explicitly designed to safeguard the broadband core of the cable and keep it prominent at the top of the screen while taking in all the high-quality information advertisers want nowadays.

Xumo allows Charter to offer video bundles using an app without paying for TV set-tops and truck rolls. These are currently in conjunction with third-party service providers like Netflix and Disney Plus.

Near cable video isn’t disappearing at the moment. The beginning of December saw Charter CFO Jessica Fischer remind analysts at the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference in New York that quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM), the digital encoder standard for linear cable videos, “is going to be with us for a long time.” The analyst added that although Charter offers its auto-installation Xumo Stream Box to its new customers who want to stream video, the company is not actively seeking to remove old Cisco Systems-connected World Box set-tops from existing Spectrum TV subscribers.

The traditional pay-TV business is in declining secularity; in April 2022, America’s two largest cable companies, Comcast and Charter Communications, formed a joint venture to build an operating system as well as an entire set of applications that will protect the traditional cable companies’ access to the living room, and offer an opportunity to expand to markets outside of the footprint all over the U.S. and internationally.

In the heart of Xumo lies Comcast’s EntertainmentOS, a TVOS based on Comcast’s flagship X1 operating system. It was further created through the company’s “Sky Glass” initiative in Europe.

The Xumo TVOS uses the Xumo brand name created by the free, ad-supported streaming (FAST) service that Comcast purchased in 2020, 100 million. This was when FASTs were still viewed as a backwater. Distributors could earn additional income from cheap library content and reruns that appealed to nostalgic viewers in a tiny segment of users.

In the brand new logo and branding, the initial Xumo FAST platform is described as Xumo Play.

xtreame HDTV
xtreame HDTV

Xumo TV

Previous attempts by Comcast to launch a TVOS have allowed the Xumo name—the Comcast Flex sets-top box. For instance, they have been replaced by Xumo Stream Box, as the free streaming devices Comcast gives broadband customers only go to the next. In addition, the line of XClass TV smart TVs is replacing them with Xumo TV-branded models manufactured through Hisense, Element, and others in retail.

In June, the first Xumo Smart TV manufactured by Element Electronics was available at Walmart and other retailers, and screen sizes range between 43 and 65 inches.

In September, Xumo’s president, Marcien Jenckes, introduced the Xumo Stream Box to the media.

It’s not easy to know what the response of viewers has been in the wake of Xumo’s smart TVs.

According to Next TV reported in September, following four months on the market, even though those Element models received fawning praise, They were discounted by as much as 34%.

As we approached the Christmas season, Pioneer became the third television set maker to launch models based on the Xumo TVOS, which was found for sale at Best Buy. It’s important to note that the models are made under license from TCL, a Chinese company. TCL.

The Evolution of Xumo TV: A Timeline

Comcast began rolling out its X1 cloud-based streaming platform for Xfinity TV subscribers in 2012. It quickly gained traction with subscribers because of its ease of use and integration of apps from every one of the leading OTT services available.

In the past, Comcast and its white-label X1 Partners have touted its platform as a critical engine for reducing churn, citing a massive increase in DVR and video-on-demand use.

In 2014, Cox Communications, which is the 3rd largest cable provider within the U.SCox Communications was the first cable operator to acquire a white-label version of the operating system for video, which it named Contour.

In 2015, Canadian cable company Shaw Communications was able to write off $55 million in funds it spent on developing its platform. The company also granted the white label X1 platform. The company branded it as BlueSky TV.

In 2016, Canadian operator Rogers Communications was added to the mix, naming the white-label version of X1 under Ignite TV. It was when Rogers could write off over $500 million that it had put into creating its technology.

In 2017, the Montreal-based Videotron granted the X1 platform under its Helix brand platform.

In 2019, Comcast launched a thin-client variant known as Xfinity Flex for its growing number of broadband clients. The streaming platform costs $5 a month. AccessAccess to some of the biggest SVOD platforms, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, along with AVOD services, such as Tubi and Xumo, plus VOD rental content through Comcast’s transactional stores.

At that moment, it came to light that Comcast was aiming significantly higher — the platform it was creating had grown into a fully-fledged TVOS destined to compete with such services as Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV.

However, to achieve this, you must be made available from the comparatively small footprint of Comcast and its white-label partner.

The Competitive Field

The Comcast-Charter joint venture was launched in a competitive market that includes Roku as well as Amazon Fire TV firmly entrenched within the U.S., and plenty of rivals from the TV makers such as Samsung, LG, Vizio, and Vizio, as well as an extensive installed base of Android televisions and the new version of it, Google TV.

Xumo Stream Box helps simplify streaming to allow customers to watch more and spend more time browsing with essential features such as live TV at the beginning, the most popular voice search capabilities, integrated navigation, and all the famous apps already loaded and ready for viewing.

Users can look up movies or shows simply by speaking the name of the show or movie into the built-in voice remote, and Xumo Stream Box will search for it in the various apps and websites to find the show or movie.

  • Xumo Stream Box uses both artificial intelligence-driven personalization and an in-house editorial team that provides recommendations for content in the app to help customers locate something to stream without the need to switch between various applications.
  • Xumo Stream Box comes preloaded with hundreds of streaming applications, so viewers are not required to download the apps before watching. You can mention the name of the streaming app using the remote voice, and then Xumo Stream Box will find and start the service.
  • For the first time, Xfinity customers will be able to design custom viewing lists for each family member using “My List.” With only a single click, consumers can add any program or film accessible on the Xumo streaming Box to a list. This gives users a simple way to discover what they want to watch the next time.

Xumo Stream Box joins Sky Glass and Sky Stream as the latest product powered by EntertainmentOS, the newest entertainment service that integrates a user-friendly interface, a powerful metadata platform, and an award-winning voice technology that creates a scalable user experience. EntertainmentOS is built upon the same RDK-powered global technology platform that delivers nearly five billion entertainment streams per week to customers across Comcast, Sky, Xumo, and its syndication partners. It processes 15 billion entertainment-related voice commands a day through its award-winning voice search technology. This means that Xumo Stream Box offers all the search and discovery options Xfinity customers enjoy from X1 and Flex with a fresh user interface that makes browsing their preferred live, streaming, or on-demand video easier.

Xumo Stream Box: What you need to know about Xumo Stream Box, Spectrum’s brand-new TV device

Spectrum, its owner business Charter Communications, and Comcast have been doing things to be more friendly to consumers.

It’s like being aware that the paper is on the wall when you think about viewers and live TV. There’s no denying that satellite and cable firms have seen their viewers disappear due to the cutting of cords.

Based on a media research company, Leichtman Research Group, a report states that 64% of American households have live TV services. This is down from the record-breaking 87 percent in 2008. In the year’s second quarter, 1.73 million people opted to stop using live television services.

Spectrum problems: Charter Communications Disney agree to restore most channels.

The viewers are turning to antennas, FAST (free advertising-supported TV) channels, and streaming platforms like Disney+, Netflix, Max, and many more. The benefit of a lot of them? They are available on the smart TV or from streaming devices like Roku, Apple TV 4K, Chromecast, and Google TV – inexpensive boxes ranging from as little as 30 to $180. Anyone can access the entire television program at an affordable cost, and the device is available.

The mentioned companies finally recognized one drawback of subscribing to cable bundles – the odious charges for equipment rental. Recently, they launched their Xumo Stream Box, a unique streaming device that eliminates the need to purchase cable boxes. It’s affordable ($60 or rent for just $5 per month) and small, integrating Spectrum’s live TV service and streaming services.

Are you satisfied with this? The Xumo Stream Box is suitable for you.

The Xumo Stream Box is a low-cost media streamer that you can utilize instead of a Spectrum and Xfinity television box. The Xumo Stream Box is fully compatible with Spectrum TV and Xfinity Stream and has a vast selection of no-cost content on Xumo Play and other similar platforms. There are superior media streaming platforms with more performances and options; nevertheless, there’s a lot of appreciation here at a reasonable price.

 Pros to have Xumo Stream Box:

  • Support for 4K HDR
  • Remote controlled by voice
  • A wealth of content for free

 Cons to have Xumo Stream Box:

  • Xumo account requirement
  • Performance is slow
  • There is no app store

The top ideas to use the Xumo Stream Box

If you’re eligible for Spectrum and Xfinity and are looking to upgrade or switch your current plan, these are the features you will get from both. Remember that the Xumo Stream Box doesn’t fully support Spectrum Internet(r) Gig, Xfinity Gigabit, or the Xfinity Gigabit Extra.

Spectrum Internet plans

It provides a variety of Internet plans to meet diverse speed requirements. Spectrum Internet(r) Assist Spectrum Internet(r) Assist plan can deliver speeds as high as 30 Mbps through cable for $19.99/month, ideal for simple browsing and moderate usage. To get faster internet, The Spectrum Internet(r) Plan provides speeds of up to 100 Mbps via cable for $29.99/month, which is ideal for moderate streaming activity.

Upgrading, the Spectrum Internet(r) plan can provide speeds as high as 300 Mbps. It is based on the combination of cables and fiber technology for $49.99/month for twelve months. Spectrum Internet(r) Ultra Spectrum Internet(r) Ultra plan boosts speed to 500 Mbps. This is accessible via fiber or cable, costing between $39.99 and $69.99/month in the first twelve months. This plan is geared toward more intense gaming, streaming, or the use of multiple devices.

Spectrum Internet Gig is the best choice if you’re looking for top speed for their internet. Spectrum Internet(r) Gig plan gives you the fastest speeds, 1000 Mbps or more, via fiber or cable. Starting in the first year, prices range between $59.99 and $89.99/month. Plans offer different rates and speeds for different user needs and provide a choice for basic browsing, all the way to demanding data tasks. Speeds for wireless may differ based on connectivity to networks and the capabilities of your device.

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Xumo Stream Box standout features

The Xumo Stream Box has a few callout options. It’s standard as a streamer that is budget-friendly.

The most appealing characteristics in one look:

  • Support for voice commands
  • Playable games
  • Soundbar and TV control
  • Lots of free content

Xumo Stream Box Performance

Configuration of wireless:

  • 4 GHz band: 574Mbps (2 x 287 Mbps)
  • 5 GHz band: 1,200Mbps (2 x 600Mbps)
  • Bluetooth 5.0

Our experience could have been better than the Apple TV’s 4K model we used. Its Prime Video app took 12 minutes to open on the Xumo device, compared to 6 seconds for the Apple TV. In contrast, Disney+ took even longer to download on Xumo, in 20 seconds; however, the same app could be opened on the 4K Apple TV device within six minutes. The apps have been installed for both units, and we can see a distinct distinction in the speed of the two teams.

While the app was loading, setting adjustments were immediate. Pages that load, such as My List and Movies, opened fast; our only performance issue was with the app loading time.

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Xumo Stream Box Features

Other relevant features:

  • Voice commands support
  • Playable games
  • Lots of free content

There’s plenty to do in this Xumo Stream Box to give the device a high score. It can be used for controlling your TV, your speaker bar, or playing games. You can also browse for content and apps with voice commands or text input.

The streaming service doesn’t support profile users, so you’ll be required to enter a PIN with the parental control provided with every streaming service. You can make as many as five My Lists, which include all of the films and shows you’d like to add to your list. However, you cannot pin particular applications.

Xumo Stream Box Design


  • 1x Gigabit Ethernet port on the LAN (back)
  • 1x HDMI port (back)

The overall layout is enough to house a Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI, and power connector. It’s not as bulky as an ordinary cable television box. The design is similar to the first XiOne that was launched in 2021. an alliance between Comcast (NA) and Sky (Europe). It uses Sky’s Entertainment OS (v1.2) platform, integrated with Sky’s newly-designed “global” user interface Comcast announced in the Q4 earnings call 2022. The remote and casing have different designs, but as we’ve seen, the inside setup has a similar structure.

Based on what we’ve seen From the specifications we’ve seen, it appears that the Xumo Stream Box has everything you’d want from a contemporary 4K streaming box: Dolby Vision, support for HDR10 as well as HDR10plus, Dolby Atmos support, and many more.

In the package:

  • 1x XiOne-SC (B) unit
  • 1x power adapter
  • 1x HDMI cable
  • 1x Advanced Voice Remote
  • 2 AAA batteries (already on the remote)
  • 1x Quick Start Guide

From connecting the Xumo Stream Box to our TV until we finally reached the display on the home screen, there were 24 steps needed to get the gadget up and running. The first step is configuring the remote that controls your television and speakers externally. It can be a hassle if you need both the manufacturer and model of one or the other.

The most surprising thing is that using this device with a Xumo account is only possible. It’s free, regardless of whether it was purchased from Xfinity or Spectrum. We’ve tried to overcome this issue, but we get stuck in a highly frustrating setting loop when you click Skip and Set up later. You still need to make use of this device. It means that it’s only possible to use the device once you log in or establish an account with the Xumo account.

This also means Xfinity and Spectrum will not configure this streaming device when it arrives at your doorstep. It is necessary to connect the service as you would with any other streaming service and then sign up for your premium channels like Max and Showtime using your Spectrum account and your Xfinity account.

In particular, the Apple streamer utilizes a tablet-like presentation with apps integral to user experiences. Are you interested in seeing what’s happening on SHOWTIME? Open the application. Apple also offers separate apps that can be used for downloading more apps and games, purchasing, and accessing premium and free content from every connected service, such as Apple TV.

The Xumo Stream Box uses a ribbon-based layout similar to Prime Video or Google TV but doesn’t have tabs such as Live TV and Apps. Highlights ribbon lists recent apps you’ve used, what shows you must be watching, and other information. Other ribbons break down content based on category, popularity, and collections.

It’s not a storefront. Xumo Stream Box also doesn’t offer any app stores. Instead, an app’s menu shows every available media and gaming application you can install on the device’s internal storage. All media that you wish to purchase or rent should be done via Amazon, Apple, or the other platforms offered by third parties for this device. You can connect a credit card to the Xumo account. However, it’s likely only to subscribe to streaming services.

You can also alter your settings by using the “gear” button on the remote or scrolling to the Settings button at the very bottom of your screen. You can adjust the audio and video settings, turn on accessibility options, establish an access code, connect the device to WiFi, and more.

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By using the remote

We’re not big lovers of the Apple TV remote; we’re equally unimpressed with remotes like the Xumo remote.

The issue we have is the placement of volume buttons. They should be swapped with the other four buttons (Netflix, Peacock, Xumo, and Prime Video) on the thumb’s side. The volume will be adjusted much more frequently than when opening Xumo, so it’s sensible to position the buttons for the book in the middle instead of the top.

We love the rubberized navigation pad. However, it’s much more precise than the weird touchpad that Apple’s first-gen Siri Remote has in-house. It’s also lovely that opening applications and other media using spoken commands is possible. The buttons for numbers are simple to use for creating PINs and changing to the appropriate channel.

Do you have any extra costs?

The additional cost is the rental or buy from each platform and any month-long subscription payments you make to these platforms.


Let’s see, we’re aware that something is going on. Comcast (Xfinity) and Charter (Spectrum) will team up with Charter to take you off the cable box. It was an eye-opener ten years ago since they earned significant money from renting.

What is the reason for this shift in attitude?

 To give you more internet bandwidth (speed). Your connection to the internet is a pipe connecting television channels and internet data channels through your modem. In moving TV service over into the internet’s digital lane, the media can be accessed for use on the internet. This means that you will get better speed.

Then, you can enter devices like the Xumo Stream Box or the latest trending IPTV service provider Xtreame HDTV which includes apps to stream the same channels you can get from the cable TV box of old. You can use any streaming device to connect to your provider’s traditional and premium channels, such as Apple TV and Roku Ultra; however, you can get this via Spectrum and Xfinity with an annual fee of 12 months or by purchasing the device outright.

Overall, this is a good media streaming app. However, users may need clarification on the interface, especially if they’ve spent much time with Apple TV. The ribbon-like design of Xumo could be difficult if you’re not accustomed to it. Likewise, the absence of an organized app store can be disconcerting. However, it’s still a decent app, considering the price. I hope that future upgrades will enhance your user experience.

 FAQ on the Xumo Stream Box

Do you have the ability to play games on your Xumo Stream Box?

Yes, you can; however, you have to utilize the remote. These games are supported by advertisements and supplied through Play. Works. Play. Works platform. The games comprise Tetris, Crossy Road, Centipede, and Asteroids.

Do you have Spectrum or Xfinity apps that have been pre-installed?

The package we received from Spectrum comprises Spectrum TV, Spectrum News, and Xfinity Stream.

Do you require a subscription for the Xumo Stream Box?

There is no need for an account to use the Xumo device or to stream content on the Xumo TV application. However, you will need a subscription to third-party providers such as Max, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Apple TV, and others. Additionally, you must log in to each premium service by hand if you purchase the services via Spectrum and Xfinity.

How many apps can you download onto this Xumo Stream Box?

There were 294 apps and games.

What number of free films or TV channels are you able to receive?

There’s much to choose from: Xumo Play, Pluto TV, Tubi, Freevee, and other similar platforms.

Are the premium channels I subscribe to available as stand-alone apps?

It is possible to install Max or SHOWTIME. The STARZ and the MGM(tm) applications were outstated at the moment of writing this review.

Which popular streaming services can be used using the Xumo Stream Box?

This is a short listing of streaming platforms that you can access with the device:

  • AMC+
  • Apple TV
  • BET+
  • Disney+
  • Hulu
  • Netflix
  • Paramount
  • Peacock
  • Prime Video
  • Sling
  • Vudu
  • YouTube TV
  • Plus

Does it stream music using the Xumo Stream Box?

This is a short listing of music applications that you can download with the Xumo Stream Box:

  • Amazon Music
  • iHeartRadio
  • Pandora
  • SiriusXM
  • Spotify
  • and more

Are there apps for kids available on the Xumo Stream Box?

Here’s a short overview of the streaming services to install for your kids:

  • Cocomelon
  • Mother Goose Club
  • PBS Kids
  • The LEGO Channel
  • YouTube Kids and more